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The Flats At Ninth Avenue Location

The Flats At Ninth Avenue Location has one of the nicest and most unique locations in Pensacola. Just a neighbor or a mere walking distance from the more than 50,000 square-foot apartment facility complex is Camelot Park on the southeast along Interstate 10. It’s one of the closest landmarks to The Flats At Ninth Avenue.

The Flats At Ninth Avenue Location is actually a few minutes’ drive to the Pensacola International Airport on the south. If you’re coming from the airport, it’s easy to find the cluster of white-roofed apartments seen from your plane as you land on the airport. 

From the Airport Blvd, upon reaching the corner near the Cordova Mall, turn right along N9th Avenue heading north, and straight ahead you’ll reach The Flats At Ninth Avenue Location after passing by Langley Avenue and reaching the overpass on Interstate 10. Just after the overpass on your left is the Flats At Ninth Avenue Location.

Along the way, from Airport Blvd, you’ll be passing by some landmarks like the Pensacola State College, the restaurants like Little Caesars Pizza and McDonald’s, the Cabana Nightclub, a sparkling hangout with a patio and full bar, and of course Camelot Park just before you reach The Flats At Ninth Avenue Location. 

From the Flats At Ninth Avenue Location, just a few minutes’ drive to the east, you’ll reach the beautiful panoramic view of Escambia Bay as you reach the DQ Grille and Chain Restaurant, an ice cream and fastfood chain at Rock Point. If you go straight ahead and drive through the toll bridge Interstate 10, you’ll be on your way on the bridge highway to reach the other side of the island at Liveoak Point.

You can enjoy driving along the Scenic Highway by the coastline. From the Flats At Ninth Avenue Location, proceed east on Interstate 10 until you reach a forked road. By this time the view of the sea is already in sight. The road to the right directly leads to DQ Grille, and from the chain restaurant you can turn left to head north and reach the junction towards Lora Point. For the newcomer, it’s quite an exciting trip. 

Further north is where you’ll find the University of West Florida and the marvelous landscapes of the Ferry Pass Bayou near the Escambia River. There’s a Starbucks around here. 

South of the Flats At Ninth Avenue Location is of course the Pensacola International Airport, and to the west are the swath of apartments, community villages, and town houses sprawled across a large area, crisscrossing highways Interstate 10A and 10B. What a life! You can visit site :

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